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Data Entry Animator Video Editor Grapics Designer Web Developer UI/UX Designer Frontend Developer

My Experience

My Monitoring Experience


Support and Monitoring require dedication and commitment. Many changes have to happen quickly and a person has to remain calm at all times and get things done whilst remaining friendly and confident. It's hard to regain people's trust so we must work hard never to lose it in the first place. Managing a website can be a lot of work, and spare time has to be set accordingly to fulfil the needs of the role taken. My personal experience with monitoring is that it is easy. Using multiple screens, as well as loud sound notifications and fast responses to customer needs is what makes the whole process easy. Just being prepared.

My Business Experience


What is the secret to creating a successful website for business? Most people chose simplicity for it is professional. Websites like those that have simple logos and simple forms, contact forms, testimonials, about us are usually doing the best. True but also not true. Most simple businesses have a theme. Like Nike with their "Just do it". The logo is a simple checkmark, but what does that logo represents is what sells. The logo or the website can be simple but it cannot be empty-minded, it cannot be made in 10 minutes. You have to think about what you want to achieve and what that business is all about. The work its self can be fast, but the quality is my number one priority.

My Advertising Experience (Designing)


Advertising is a very important if not the most important aspect of today's world. We cannot deny that we live in the digital world and that exposure is what makes our project work. It is very important to know little facts while creating any sort of content, especially for advertising purposes. Did you know that the human eye can spot the yellow color faster than all the other colors? That is why most donate buttons are yellow as well as buses in America. And that the human eye can differentiate shades of green the most? All of these little facts are very important while creating any type of design for advertising purposes.

My Designing Experience (Websites)


I have worked on many projects for multiple purposes I can create a website using After Effects, Photoshop, Vector, CSS, HTML, and other animating programs with or without the backend. I know how important it is for a website to look stunning but it is also important that the website is efficient. I can create these stunning images, videos and gif's all while optimizing them for performance and keep their original quality.

My Services



Create constant changes monthly. Monitor and support the website.



Create stunning videos for your project using animation programs for web and promotional content.


Data Entry

Populate your database with the information you desire. E-commerce/excel etc.


Video Editing

Edit your video towards the desired purpose. Adding subtitles, making commercials, youtube, etc.



Design image/gif/mp4 for desired purpose web content, promotional material, or logo.


Google Adsense

Register your website for the AdSense program and update the website to achieve this if need be.


Digital Marketing

Create attractive content for advertising and spread awareness on social media.


Web Development

Create attractive and professional websites for the desired purposes with SEO, and optimization.


Search Engine

SEO and optimization. Optimize the website to rank higher on search engines.

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